Sex & Porn Addiction Treatment Services

Ross Rosenberg, m.ed., lcpc, cadc, csat
Brian Lengfelder, lcpc, caadc, sap, ccjp, mac, csat candidate

Sex and Porn Addiction Treatment

Even though there are many different sex addiction behavior types, all sex addicts share similarities. Typically, sex addicts are disconnected to their feelings, confuse or substitute sexual acting out with emotional intimacy and have poorly developed personal relationships.Typically men in our society are not connected to a social group in which they can explore their feelings.The problem is compounded for male sex addicts.Therefore, group therapy for male sex addicts is the most sensible and effective treatment approach.   More...

Ross Rosenberg, M.ED., LCPC, CADC, CSAT

Ross Rosenberg

Psychotherapist, Trainer, Author & Clinical Care Consultants Owner

Since 1988, Ross has been a business owner, administrator, professional trainer, addiction specialist, and counselor/psychotherapist in the mental health, social service and/or child welfare fields. Ross owns Clinical Care Consultants, an Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove based (Northern Illinois) Counseling Center. ...more

Brian Lengfelder, LCPC, CAADC, SAP, CCJP, MAC, CSAT Candidate

Brian Lengfelder

Psychotherapist / Counselor and Addictions Specialist

Brian has been in the addiction/mental health field for 21 years. Brian believes that every person has a story, an experience, and a distinct way of viewing and coping with life, to which he strives to connect. He also believes that, by deeply and empathically understanding his client's unique world view and personal experiences, he can facilitate life-changing and life-enhancing growth. ...more

Sex Addiction and Codependency

Addiction Treatment / Counseling

  • Male and Female Sex Addiction
  • Cybersex & Porn Addiction
  • Love and Romance Addiction Treatment
  • Codependency/Co-addiction
  • Gambling, Spending & Food Addictions
  • Internet & Gaming Addiction
  • Partners of the Sex Addict
  • Family of the Sex Addict

Additional Treatment / Counseling Services

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family and Marriage/Relationship Therapy
  • Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Assessments
  • Adult Survivors of Childhood AbuseAdult Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  • Depression, Anxiety and/or OCD
  • Trauma Recovery / PTSD Counseling
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Professional Training & Seminars

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