The treatment you are undergoing for your addiction is probably twelve steps meetings. They can be face to face, by telephone or online. No matter what option you choose it is important that it is the one best suited for you and your needs to overcome this problem. The most important thing is that – you are not alone. The key to any recovery is that people don’t go through it alone. A support system is a key, and you need to have faith in it.

Beginning of recovery

Every time the person decides to make a change in his/her life, the first thing they will feel is fear. Ant that is completely normal. No one is prepared for that amount of fear, and it can be overwhelming. That’s why the support groups are important. Maybe you realize this, maybe you don’t, but you did build your life around this addiction. Afcorse you are not sure what is going to happen when you stop living around it. You are wondering where all the future excitement will come? Will you succeed at all? Can you feel desirable and sexy without this addiction? These questions are all part of the process you need to go through.

On your first meetings, you will talk about your past, your feelings and opinions from then and from now, and about your uncertain future. You will address your problems and began to recognize their pattern. You will realize what in your life is a problem and what is a symptom of that problem.

At one time you will get a sponsor. That person will be someone who understands what are you going through, someone from your meetings, and this person will be your voice of reason. Your guide. All the mistakes, successes, experience and struggles you need to go through, your sponsor already went, and that will help you when you start to plan your recovery path. Your recovery doesn’t mean you will stop having sex. It just means instead of a high quantity you will have high-quality sex.